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Do something with soul, creativity, and love; put a piece of yourself into your work

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  • Quickly Add Tasks

    From the smallest tasks to the passions that get you up in the morning, track and quickly add anything on your mind.

  • Reminders and Due Dates

    Notifications delivered right to your lock screen with flexible Date and Reminder settings, highly customizable, for scheduling that fits the way you work.

  • Your Daily Briefing

    See all of your calendar events and task items for the current day in one place. Focus on the most relevant tasks and let everything else drift to the background; Meraki will resurface them when you need them.

  • Sort

    Using the sort feature, Meraki helps you make mindful decisions about the tasks you have unscheduled. No more stale tasks that get lost in your lists.

  • Organize

    Create categories and lists to help neatly group all your items.

  • Coming Soon

    • Cross Platform Sync (Desktop + Web Apps)
    • Repeating Tasks
    • Shared Lists

Minimalist and Elegant

Carefully designed interface and interactions makes Meraki the most beautiful To-Do list you've ever used